Table in Marquee


Our unique selling point is the substructure flooring which is push chair and wheelchair friendly. This consists of a metal frame being built and then wooden floor boards slotting into the metal frame. This then allows you a level floor which can be adjusted to suit the lay of the land, giving a far superior feel to the marquee then other flooring on the market. This then can be covered with a carpet (colour of your choice). The finished flooring is just like walking onto a floor in any establishment. We can also provide coir matting - which is heavy duty hessian matting that lays directly over your grass to protect it from damage.

Other accessories we provide:

  • We can supply wooden entrance doors to fit all marquees (except the heavy duty garden marquees).
  • We can provide an entrance porch by way of a 3m x 3m marquee or Chinese hat.
  • We have several size Diesel Heaters supplied with a thermostatic control to enable you to keep your function room at the desired temperature.
  • We can supply dancefloors, a wooden Bar, stage area, round tables, trestle tables and various types of chairs.
  • Fire exit doors and light up fire exit signs.
  • Chandelier lighting - with dimmer switch.
  • Strip Lighting - with separate on/off switch.
  • We supply Ivory linings and swags as standard but can obtain other colours if required.
  • We can supply black out linings and starlight linings for the ceilings if required.
  • We can arrange for the supply of toilets etc through our trusted suppliers

If there is anything that you require that is not listed above please feel free to contact us with your enquiry.

Feel free to call us on 07835 002560